Jul 05, 2006

Creating Value For me a Generation Xer (just!) there is a real shift in how people perceive creating value at work. The Boomers and Gen Xers have always seen working hard, long hours and serving your business is how you create value and how you gain success. This is changing and if we are to understand and get the best out of the younger generation that we lead, we need to understand that they are slightly different. They grew up with technology, they grew up with a certain independence...they want to be judged on output rather than input. Once us oldies put aside our cynicism, you can see that this is incredibly sensible! They are living what we have dreamed of! Also doesn't it actually make sense - judging on the value created rather than the hours put in! The younger people understand that technology can help us, speed the change process, they can also help us achieve that life/work balance that we crave. There is a definite tension at the moment between the generations....but we need to understand that neither is right, neither is wrong....to succeed we need to embrace the different generations and the strengths that they bring.... this is about learning about how others feel, how they think, how they can bring strengths to the team. If you are one of the boomers or gen xers expand your mind by trying some of the new technology that the new generation have been brought up with...podcasts, my space, blogging, wiki's etc and see, what they see....that there are new ways, new ways that can help....they don't have the commercial experience but that is where you come in....you are not redundant, your role has moved from managing to mentoring the new generation. The best thing is that you can learn a whole new world, and develop your potential even further!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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