Sep 11, 2007

Show # 109 - Engaging Web Strategy Show 109 of The Engaging Brand podcast is ready just for you. To subscribe or listen on your PC now - both for free, I have written some instructions at the bottom of this post. No downloads are necessary if you are new to podcasts. Today's show is an interview with Jeremiah Owyang, author of the blog,Web Strategy by Jeremiah, a blog that I read daily. Jeremiah is at the forefront of how to use the web as a marketing tool and has also a thought leader on the area of engagement. (Link to Social Media Measurement White Paper mentioned in the show) I wanted to talk to Jeremiah to help me understand why measuring engagement is needed - after all we never measured objectively the water cooler conversations! Also to help us understand how to engage people in an environment which has a short attention span. Jeremiah's blog is a superb read for anyone wanting to think about how the different tools can be used as part of your talent marketing strategy and also how it is changing your future employees or consumer behaviour. Enjoy the "engaging" conversation. Remember to hop over to The Engaging Brand facebook group - and add your thoughts to the conversation! If you enjoy the show then you can always Juice it at Blubrry! or review on iTunes If you have feedback on the show or want to contribute to the new leadership tip section then record an audio message by clicking on the recorder on the side of the blog or e-mail me at How can listen to the Engaging Brand 1) You can listen on your PC now without downloading any software just click here and it will take you to the podcaster news page. Then press the play button! 2) You can subscribe to the show via iTunes or 3) If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following 4) Or if you don't want to subscribe, just want to listen to this show as a one off the go to the podcast page and click download to save to your computer. Message from Sponsor “Online Meetings Made Easy with GoToMeeting Try it Free for 45 days use Promo Code Podcast”
Magic Tricks for Great Leaders When my nephew was growing up he loved magic and learned how to be a the age of 13-14 he could bamboozle a whole room of adults with an array of tricks. He left us inspired, entertained and intrigued. I always felt there were some lessons for business M= Magicians are not born they "become great" through practice, from studying their skill. Great leaders constantly develop their thinking, their coaching skills, communication techniques and understanding of the world. Just how you cannot produce magic tricks by reading a book, you cannot lead without practice and learning. A= Audience participation. Magicians draw people in, by incorporating them into their show. Great leaders "draw in" employees by including them in the strategy, the discussions of ideas, talking about the future - by including them, they feel part of the show. G= Get close to the audience. The great magicians do not hide away from the audience. They have close ups, they walk around, they spin the props around......Great leaders do not hide in their offices. They are constantly talking to their employees, they are visible in the company, they are open in their thoughts to show they have nothing to hide. I= Ingenuity. Magicians do not do the same show all their lives. They continue to surprise the audience, they change their style, their content...they keep the audience guessing. I think this is true for great leaders. They find new ways of communicating the message, of explaining the goals, of keeping people engaged with the vision. C= Cherish the values. The magic circle has boundaries, people are only admitted to the circle if they adhere to the values - like not sharing how the tricks work. I think leaders can learn from this approach. Cherish the values of the company, choose people that can live by those values...when those values are compromised then deal with it quickly and strongly. Great leaders create a magical corporate environment that engages employees - they inspire people to achieve what seems the impossible. They understand that they need to inform, entertain and engage their audience. In reality there is no magic to leadership, it is about treating people like the human beings that they are! In reality when you treat people like human beings, magic happens...they are engage and believe the impossible is possible. Spread a little magic today...

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