Oct 01, 2007

A Brand for all Reasons When you think of a brand, you think of it's promise, of it's desire to deliver value to its consumer. A brand needs to predict, it needs to give hope, it needs to give a commitment to the people it interacts with that the future will be brighter through the relationship. A strong brand not only delivers the obvious needs of its consumers, the "seen" needs of its consumers...it looks for and understands the "unseen" needs of its consumers. If you take this into the work context then as a leader or as an employer, to keep your employees surprised by the employer brand Read widely - look for and learn to predict,demographic trends that are coming up, that are affecting society. For instance the desire for older workers to provide value to business after 65... Listen to the corridor conversations, what are the concerns or desires in people's lives....then try and provide solutions...these do not have to be high cost. I remember I delivered a "How to Get your Spending Under Control seminar when we became aware that many people were struggling with debt...it was hugely popular. We even got our bank to support the initiative and local government. Cost nothing but the value was high. People felt that we understood and cared for their well being...we supported them in their hardest times. Subscribe to trend blogs, as a way of looking for unseen needs. Listen to local college students, maybe even invite them to run a blog for you...looking at what they are looking for from their career, their prospective employer etc Build commitment to keeping promises into the appraisal structure...a promise needs two people to deliver, make sure that the managers and employees are held accountable for their part. A brand values the relationship, a brand provides value to the relationship. An Employer brand or a personal brand is no different to a product....people will give their loyalty to the one that delivers outstanding value, day in day out - a value that they did not expect. As a leader you are the ultimate fortune teller - work with me and this is how your life will change!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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