Mar 15, 2010

Is the Web Our New Place of Residence? Driving today I started to wonder whether the internet has changed? Has social media evolved the internet from a form of communication to something bigger, something even more powerful? When you read statistics of how big Facebook has become or how much time people spend on the internet and how they are using the internet.....for entertainment, for connection etc....well, it makes me think that the internet is becoming more than something you access. It makes me think that over the next few years it will move from being a social media society to a society. The boundaries between countries or even internal states/counties/regions are coming down at a rapid rate. Is the internet becoming a true place in which we live? The reason I ask is so that we start thinking of the implications for our brands, for our companies, for our traditional society. Many of my best friends live nowhere near me nowadays and yet I hang out with them most society is internet based. When I first logged onto the internet I saw it as a communication channel of some kind, I am now seeing that it is building connections and community....but will we see our wed address as tangible as our home address in the future? Will we see government of people across state boundaries? This internet thing is more than a product it is a way of life for many and the new society, the new town..the web? Are we evolving from social media to social networking to a new society?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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