Oct 02, 2013

How to Develop New Social Media Marketing Plans Often people in my workshops start by saying that one reason for attending is because "I want to develop a social media strategy". I always suggest that social media is only a tool in the leaders toolbox for delivering the overall brand strategy. Before embarking on social media, you need to clear about who your brand is....and what your goals are.... Then you can develop your social media as part of the 'how' you will achieve those goals. For me social marketing is about understanding and building upon these core principles. Why do you exist is the foundations of any brand strategy. The blue box is placed at the bottom of this chart because before you understand the answer to this brand question, social may be implemented of course....but success will be difficult to achieve. Once you know why you exist, you need to ask what is the social element to your brand...Why would people share about what you do? When would they be likely to share and how... Then you can decide your content strategy.....if you know your social element and when they talk about your sector.....then ask what content would be valuable to them and in what format? When you have thought about these three social elements of your brand...then the 'media' bit starts....so how do you reach those people, connect with them and start to build relationships. The problem is that people often make one of two mistakes They see social media as a strategy not a tactic to deliver the brand strategy. They start at point (4) and work backwards. Hope this helps...
The Era of Access Rather Than Ownership I grew up in an era of exchange. I exchanged money in order to use it, however there is a subtle shift in business models that now realises that accessibility can be better than ownership. Think Rentarunway, think Zipcar, think about the hot desking in business hubs.....people are paying for what they need, what they want to use....even iTunes you can buy the tracks not the album. The social generation has grown up have access to knowledge, information, services. They are not in a position to own their homes because of the recession, banking crisis and even student debt. They don't see ownership in the same way as my generation (gosh I feel old!). It has been a subtle move from an era of exhange of money, to an era of exchange for access. Business models will have to change with the advent of new technology. There are not the bastions of their product, choice is now available...access to suppliers around the globe mean that consumers can decide what they actually want and how they want it delivered. As much as established brands protect their offering, new start ups offer something new and are often reflecting this change in consumer perception. AirBnb started as a money making initiative but in essence what it did is deliver what people wanted...access to a home not a hotel room at affordable prices, in different cities. So when you think of what you offer...is there a new revenue stream from providing access rather than exchanging ownership?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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