Jan 23, 2014

The 'Art-ience' of Social Media Marketing Why do we split art and science in a business context? Are they separate ? Are they co-dependent or are they so entwined that we should stop talking about them as two distinct parts of social media? For me they are so entwined that if we stopped thinking of them as distinct from each other then we would add more of the 'social' element to our 'media'. I was watching a documentary about Edward Hopper the American artist and was struck by how he used windows in his paintings to draw the viewer in....he didn't paint the story, he painted views into worlds for you to connect your own story to.... He saw windows as a way of drawing the viewer in.....windows for Hopper were both the art of depiction AND the science of allowing the reader to explore the world. When you think about social business, we all have windows...be it a tweet, a website, a physical shop window, a facebook page....social is about using windows in a similar way to Hopper. Choosing windows, choosing the 'subjects' within the windows that are an expression of what you want to say...whilst allowing room for the reader to connect with them on their own personal level. Much has been said and written about personalisation....and this can confuse brands. Brands feel they have to know each individual consumer and can get lost trying to connect with each consumer at an individual level....this can be - and feel - impossible. Customisation, for me, should be made by the 'customer' not the brand. The brand, like Hopper, needs to provide the window then trust the consumer to connect in the way that resonates with them. The art of social media...the science of social marketing..... NO. It is the art-ience of social media marketing! Related articles 5 Must Have's of Social Business 3 Mindsets For Creating a Social Business Photo series inspired by Edward Hopper paintings Social Business Trend for Next Decade

Anna Farmery

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