Feb 19, 2014

Here's an Easy Way to Sell More.... "How do I increase sales?" "I seem to be working harder and harder yet it is not reflected in the sales numbers?" "My only way to increase sales is to cut prices" Three sentences that three different people offered me when I asked why they needed some coaching. The issue here is simple. It is relatively easy to fix. More than that, I know that YOU can do it. There is one trick that the social age demands of you and it is easy, straightforward and as simple as this "Think what you can give to the customer - the more you give, the more you receive" (Tweet this) Availability in most markets is not the problem, the customer can source a product by making a few clicks. In a sense it is less about you reaching the customer, it is more about reaching out to the customer.(Tweet this) To reach out there are three steps: You need to understand WHAT the customer needs before purchasing You need to understand HOW your offer fulfills that need and You then need to demonstrate this TO the customer by giving a taster of both understanding (1) and (2) Prior to the web it was difficult to reach those people to demonstrate we knew what they needed, to provide specifically what they needed, to demonstrate how we can fulfill that need. Social media can help with all the stages of this process; you can see what people are searching for, you can see the sentiments, you can see the potential market. Social media is the tool by which you can demonstrate your understanding and provide the information, the ideas, the connection to express this knowledge. As I always say - social media is not something to be learned as much as it is a mindset to be demonstrated. (Tweet this) To 'get' sales, you need to 'give'. To understand how to ,reach customers you need to reach out with understanding Giving more means selling less!
Why Naming a Consumer Need Increases Profit It's a problem. We need to sort it. Everyone nods. People make a note. An action list is created and a further meeting date is put in the diary to discuss the problem in more depth. There is a problem - just not the one that everyone has written down! A problem remains a problem until it is identified, named and understood. I was reading about how 'date rape' didn't exist, it wasn't a problem that could be addressed until Gloria Steinem actually gave it the name - date rape. The words, the phrase allowed people to start talking about it and discussing how to address how to influence a better society. Now let's go back to the meeting about the problem. Problems need defining so that they can be fully understood and clear actions decided upon to solve it for the future. (Tweet this) This works for the consumer as well. To sell the solution, you need to define the problem and ensure your solution solves that problem. (Tweet this) It is for this reason that I love social marketing and companies that adopt a social mindset. Social marketing can help you define the problem. Social marketing can help you refine the solution and social marketing can help you connect the consumer to your solution. Social marketing is not about selling the solution as much as recognising the need. Social marketing is not about connections between people as much as connection of ideas and needs. (Tweet this) The next time you are in a meeting when it is decided a problem exists - don't create an action list, create the discussion on the definition of what the problem actually is!

Anna Farmery

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