Mar 18, 2014

How Social Marketing Creates Customer Loyalty Poetry used to be a way to win your sweetheart, a way to show how much you cared. One of my favourite poetic lines is from Robert Browning Jr Now, imagine a brand as a suitor.....imagine if they used this kind of marketing mindset rather than how can we 'bribe' the customer to stay with us? If there is one marketing tactic I hate it is 'like' this page for your chance to win x - is that creating loyalty or buying like? Customer loyalty can NOT be bought; loyalty is an emotional attachment that grows through love of your brand. (Tweet this) Loyalty cannot be bought in the long run; loyalty is an outcome of continous, relentless service. (Tweet this) Any short term 'like-ness' is not built on emotional attachment, it is built on potential personal gain. Social marketing works well if you take the long term view on winning the customers heart; when it creates an emotional attachment over the long term. An emotional attachment is created through consistent, relentless love of delivering 'love' to your customer. So what is love? Love is mutual respect. Love is putting the relationship ahead of your own needs. Love is shared experiences and understanding. Love is accepting responsibility and saying that you are sorry. Love is wanting the best for the other person. How would your social marketing change if you used this little Bob-o-graphic to remind you that your role is to show your customer.......the best is yet to be? (Tweet this)
5 Truths About Social Marketing Have you the right expectations for your social marketing? I ask because often when I am holding social marketing workshops, I can sense that expectations are either too high or too low. So either.... Their expectations are too high because they see social marketing as the answer to all their prayers. Their expectations are too low because they use it as a communication method rather than a customer relationship tool. The truth about social marketing is that you get out of social media what you put in....just like friendships in real life. (Tweet this) The truth about social marketing is that without a specific goal that links into your business strategy, you will be busy but you will not be effective. The truth about social marketing is that the tools may be easy to use but this ease of use is only useful if you have put in the hard yards of understanding what you want to achieve, who you want to reach and how to reach out to those customers. The truth about social marketing is that it is a shop window into your brand personality; if there is nothing behind the window it won't work. The truth about social marketing is that it needs long term investment not short term frenzied actions; loyalty cannot be bought, only grown over time. (Tweet this) It is the expectation of the customer that is vital NOT the expecation you have for your sales. Here is a little Bob-o-graphic to remind you that social marketing is not a quick fix, however it can help you fix the right social mindset for the digital age. (Tweet this)

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