Apr 01, 2014

Show 479 - Learn How to Talk Like Ted The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips has a wonderful new episode. Anna Farmery speaks to the wonderful Carmine Gallo about his research into what makes a great Ted Talk. Carmine talks us through the key aspects of delivering an emotional talk that resonates and captures the mind of the audience. Before getting into the show, don't forget to check out Bob's Guide to Social Leadership Powers - a new ebook on bringing out your leadership potential use discount code ilovebob and you can grab this book for 99p! We discuss How to write a book like a great journalist. How to create a story through understanding the details. Are Ted Talks great or dumbing down topics from an academic point of view? How to be persuasive in order to sell an idea. Why 3 is the magic number in presentations. Is a business presentation comparable to a Ted Talk - one audience is there because they have to be and the other is there because they want to be.... Should leaders be judged by their great speaking skills How a listener needs to stay objective to a great speaker? How a talk needs to be both novel and emotional - how to create an emotionally charged event even when you are talking about widgets! How to create a showstopper to finish your presentation. Link to the Talk Like Ted slideshare presentation. Check out a previous interview with Carmine on how to deliver insanely great customer service like Apple. And finally the listener of the week Melanie Davis - a goodie bag is on it's way to you to say a BIG THANK YOU! For your chance to win just share this post! (Tweet this) 1) You can listen now If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following RSS Feed or visit iTunes.
Why Your Sales Pitch Is Not Working A pitch starts a game of baseball, right? A delivery starts an over in cricket, right? Therefore your sales pitch is the start of the sales process......No and here's why..... Any game of baseball, cricket etc needs two teams who want to play the game. It needs people coming together at one place, it needs the teams to agree with each other they want to play and it needs two teams who respect the rules of the game. Business is the same; to earn the right to pitch you need to earn the right to be asked to play. (Tweet this) The sales pitch is not the start of the relationship; the start is gaining the respect to be asked. (Tweet this) So how do you gain the respect to be asked? Respect is gained by showing your knowledge. Respect is gained by giving without the need for a return. Respect is gained by consistency of values over time. Respect is gained by showing empathy and understanding to others NOT because it works BUT because it is the right thing to do. Baseball, cricket and every team sport has star players yet it is not the key to success. It is the strength of the team as a unit not the strength of each individual. Business is just the same, to earn the right to 'pitch' you need to invest in the ethos of the team. Social marketing can be part of earning this respect. Can be.....because unless your social media is based on gaining respect rather than pitching to people then yrou social efforts will fail. Social is part of the marketing process; a chance to spread ideas and providing reasons of why you deserve a chance of being asked to the game. If your social media is not working ask "Am I seeing social media as the first pitch or my invite to the game?" (Tweet this)

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