Apr 04, 2014

A Little Known Way of Finding Your Passion There are some podcasts that annoy me; they are some blogs that really grate on me. Indeed I would go as far as saying they make me want to scream because I don't agree with them. So why don't I unsubscribe, why don't I remove them from my daily or weekly schedule? Because it is that content that makes ME Learn what I DO believe in. It is in this annoyance that I find my true passion (Tweet this) Keep looking in my mirror to ensure I am not falling into the same habits. Expand my thinking from my insular world. Feel uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that my fight for what I believe in stays strong. The strength of social media is the different ideas and approaches. The weakness of social media is that we can shy away from this difference and withdraw into our own comfortable world; a world in which all our friends agree with us..... The blogs and podcasts that make me want to shout, the media that annoys me, the social marketing that grates so deeply that it inspires writing a blog post.......is as valuable, more valuable than the social media that affirms my ideas. (Tweet this) So here is my challenge to you: What do you read, what show do you listen to, what visuals do you look at....that annoy you? If not, why not? Being comfortable is risky....being comfortable means you are not firing that flame in your social media fire.(Tweet this) If you listen to The Engaging Brand podcast or subscribe to my weekly letter...or even read this blog because it annoys you....FABULOUS.....I have total respect for people who want to feel outside of their comfort zone!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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