May 14, 2014

An Easy Way To Move From Busy-ness to Business If I could offer you a quick tip that could significantly help your business - would you be interested? If I said this tip costs nothing but delivers everytime you do it - would you want to know more? Well here it is free of charge and with all my love x Be intentional about your intent! Just think about your day. Think about the way you build relationships, think about the way you market what you do..... Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know what you want your customer to feel when they consider purchasing from you? Do you clearly connect your product/service... to a reason to buy to... a call to action? Do you have a clear vision with a clear plan that will take you there? Do you have a way of measuring whether you are on plan? Do you know why you are attending events, connecting with people, blogging, tweeting etc? The truth is...many of us don't. We make the mistake of thinking 'doing things that others do' will lead to similar results. It won't. The missing ingrediet is intent. People who are successful have a clear intent with all that they do... Every deed does not need a specific reason BUT each deed needs to be intentionally done. (Tweet this) With everything in our inbox, with reports and meetings...we can lose our focus.Indeed it is easy to lose focus, we are almost taught not to ask why we are doing things....but Business needs focus and that focus comes from acting intentionally. (Tweet this) If you take a look at your business plan. If you review your calendar. If you review your decisions. If you review how you are planning to spend your time today....ask yourself What is the intent of this time investment? Is this action taking a step towards your overall intent of your business? Intent moves your busy-ness to an effective business (Tweet this)
How to Know You Are Doing The Right Job When you close the lid on your computer tonight, there is only one question to ask Success comes from hard work; hard work on doing something you love towards your goal. (Tweet this) We spend a lot of time wondering what the customer wants, delighting the customer...quite rightly. But the easiest way to do that is to be the most loyal customer of what you do. When you are proud of what you do, when you sit down with you coffee at night if you are proud of your work rather than exhausted from merely doing work, then you will be on the right path to convince others. Here is a little checklist to ask yourself to see whether you are proud of your work P = Purpose. You can look at all you did and achieved today and know, really know that you have made a step towards your life's purpose. R = Rewarding. How many times did your work make you smile today and even more importantly, how many times did your work make others smile today? Smiles are a wonderful yardstick for being proud of what you do. O = Own. Did you own your decisions and actions. Hiding behind others does not increase happiness, it decreases your feeling of control. U = Understand. Do you and your team how today's work contributes to the larger goal? D = Dignity. Dignity is such an underused word and yet when people show diginity, they show respect for others. The social media world loves dignity - both in success and in defeat. So were you dignified in all that you did and all that you said today? We may not all be billionaires in terms of money but then I don't strive to be.....that does not guarantee happiness. Strive to be a smile billionaire and allow the world to reward you back! (Tweet this) Here is something that I am proud of The 30 Day of other challenging questions is now available on Kindle!

Anna Farmery

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