May 20, 2014

Show 486 - How to Be More Productive The Engaging Brand podcast covers social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips. Anna Farmery talks to Chandler Bolt about being a Productive Person. Chandler who you can contact via email - ".. began early (age 11) by selling his personal snacks at scout camp and, by age 17 he hired his friends to help him operate his landscaping business that earned him $10,000 for college. All in all, by age 20 he started and ran over $320,000 in businesses and received the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award from Young Entrepreneurs Across America." We covered: What created his entrepreneurial spirit? How to work hard but create a balance with freedom today.. Why working longer hours is not the answer to career success. The concept of mind refreshing which can help you do more work in less time. How to stop your mind from wandering when working. The 3 things that you need to decide to become a more Productive Person. How to keep on track without getting sidetracked during the day. How to deal with loneliness as an entrepreneur and how a buddy can help you achieve greater business success. How to be a productive seller on social marketing. The Listener of the Week is Harry Luther - chosen from anyone who shared about last weeks podcast. For your chance to win next week just share this post! (Tweet this) Remember as a listener you can download 30 Lessons on Social Leadership Powers - Anna's new ebook is now available on Kindle. 1) You can listen now If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following RSS Feed or visit iTunes.
Top Secret of Entrepreneurs who Succeed in Social Media You know what to do, it is just how to do it. You read. You listen. You learn. You know the mechanics behind the success of other brands....yet, you are still frustrated about how to power your brand forward. Often the difference between success and failure in business is belief. True, honest belief. Belief based on strong ideas, clarity of thought and knowing that you will have failures but failure will be a gate to improvement not a barrier to progress. However, there is a problem with the word 'belief'? Anyone spot it? There are two different vowels and three in total and yet it is spelt without the most important one...U! U need to believe in your brand - no compromise, only checks to ensure that it remains relevant and fresh. A brand without belief is not a brand, it is a dream. U need to believe before your customer will believe. Belief is contagious. U need to create the reasons - and believe in them - of why you are different and why a customer should choose you. Belief comes from knowing and understanding your work. U need to believe that social marketing will work IF you keep doing the right things for the right reasons to the right people....over the medium term. This is not a short term fix; it is an ongoing philosophy of putting the customer first. U need to believe that social is not a digital revolution but a mindset revolution. Belief comes from persuading your mind first, before turning to the minds of others. U need to believe in your customer or potential customers. The more you believe in their voice, the more they will believe in your brand. Without belief you will not succeed. Others may doubt and that is good! They can act as a check on your thinking. Blind belief is as bad as no belief! Belief is the missing ingredient between how social megastars feel about their brand which makes them want to be social....and how the ordinary folks who create because they feel they have to .... Belief is the glue between your business and your social content. Without belief you write without passion, without belief you think about product and service .....with belief you talk passionately about reasons rather than mundane specifications. Belief is free - however it is expensive. Expensive because you have to invest your time to truly understand why you do believe, how to explain your passion and remove the blocks that prevent your belief running through all that you do. Those blocks act like a dam, holding back that belief from becoming flowing down to customers. Those dams need your attention. Now. Today. Not tomorrow. Those dams need to be removed quickly because their removal frustration will posion your belief over time. So ask yourself - do I really, really, truly believe in what I do? If I don't why? Deal with anything on the list. If I do, how do I find...

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