Aug 24, 2006

August the Month of Birthdays August is the most popular month for birthdays - not that it is mine, I am a February babe! But it made me think about what I would do if every day WAS your birthday. For me it would be helping others to celebrate the wonderful concept of life. So today I am marking it the world's official birthday and here are my ideas of how we can make this place feel as valued as we do when we celebrate our own birth. B = Boost your self esteem by not forgetting to compliment yourself on a daily basis. And of course others.... I = Invest in relationships. The more you put in, the more you get out. Fact! R = Recognize the good T = Thank you. Only two words, but so powerful. When someone does something for you, say these powerful two words...and see how often people reciprocate! H = Happiness is your choice. You choose your attitude - no one else! Choose a positive one it makes for a much better day and a much better personality! D = Decide to look after your health. Eat, sleep and exercise well. Learn something new ever day for mind fitness. Health improves your happiness and happiness can add 7 years to your life! A = Acknowledge people around you. Smile at people in the street, say hello to people as you are walking around. Human connection is important for you. Y = You are special. Fact. No one is like you in the world - you are unique. When you understand this, then you can use this to find a way of providing value to the world. You have only 70-80 years, not long in the grand scheme of things, so start today building your legacy.that happens to you and the great things around you. Nature, acts of kindness etc....too often we concentrate on the bad.
How to Break Your Routine Routine - 90% of the time it is fine. But sometimes it can overtake you and frustrate. Many of us have said "I have feel as though I am in a rut", well today I thought I would share the ways that I break my routine to bring energy back to my life. Here are my Top 10 tips Change your route to work - this changes the stimuli that you see. Put some music on that you haven't played for a while - a track that brings back happy memories or in my case I can sing-a-long to! (My energy comes back screaming out to Born To Run) Change the time you get up - with me get up earlier and do something different like go for an early morning walk. Pick an inspiring book to read - reignite that creativity or that vision of what you want to achieve. Surprise your partner - romantic meal, romantic walk, book a night away, a show anything that you don't normally do. Recognise if the rut is actually to do with lack of sleep - and give yourself a break. Take an afternoon nap...recharge the batteries. Invite another blogger to write your posts to inject freshness to your thinking. Hold a meeting outside, in a museum, at a cafe bar...somewhere away from the normal meeting room so that the environment inspires. Exercise - get the energy flowing through your body and relight the adrenaline in your body. Keep an idea book, and a scrapbook of thank yous etc. Then when you feel down read them, remind yourself that you provide real value to the world. You will have your own ways, but life is what you make it. Life is short, get yourself out of the rut asap, so that you get back to making this world a better place.......anyone else willing to share how they jump out of the rut?

Anna Farmery

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