Aug 29, 2006

Reputation vs Brand Richard Branson said "Build brands not around products but around reputation" This is as true for employer brands as well as customer brands. Reputation as an employer is so key, you would be amazed at the power of word of mouth!!! Think of the social environments, the conversation in the pub, graduates who join and still have friends back at the University. Every interaction that you have with an employee is a part of the reputation jigsaw. I was lucky people came to me and said I want to join your team, I want to be part of what you are trying to build. Why? I never did a blog, I never did a recruitment add about my thoughts...... no it was word of mouth. So that begs the question how do you build a reputation? Live and breath the values. Deliver on the promises you make on your website, in your interview, on your recruitment ads, on your performance appraisals. Be honest - if you cannot deliver a promise or allow a flexible working request tell the person to their face, why. Be truthful and then say but I want to work through this issue, I may not be able to do that but lets see if we can find another solution..... Coach, develop, revel in talent. See your role as helping others succeed. When faced with difficult situations - change, redundancies, sacking's - remember that you can still live by your values, and treat each individual with respect. You may want them to return, but even if you don't you want them to recommend you as an Employer in the future. If you are as human as possible, as visible as possible, as honest as possible people will respect your position. Celebrate success and shout about it. Bad stories get round anyway so ensure you have a way of getting the good news, the success around to counteract it. Be passionate about what you do.... Blog because you want dialogue not because it is the latest fad. Be willing to hear the issues, but also be willing to do something about them. People will always forgive managers who try. Blog as part of your desire to listen more that you daft as that may sound

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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