Nov 06, 2006

CARS Leadership and Strategy for Great Business Last week I asked whether managers needed speed limits? I have been thinking further about this, especially as I had a conversation with one manager who believes that keeping your foot on the gas is the only way...maybe there are a few aspects that we can learn from car drivers for leadership! C = Consider the way we cope with journeys. There are 3 lanes on motorways to allow people to choose their speed. Within your team you will have different motivations, different talent levels and it is important that you recognise this diversity, people develop at different rates, ideas develop at different rates but they are still moving forward. A = All long journeys will suffer some congestion, roadworks accidents doesn't stop you getting to your destination you just have to either be patient or find a new route. You even have your own TomTom - your people, a mentor, a coach....all can help you find a new route quickly! The key is to review and keep your destination in mind not the problem. R = Recognise that on long journeys you need to pull over and take a break at a cafe, to maintain concentration. Tiredness kills motorists, tiredness can kill ideas! Every car needs to refuel and teams are the same....keep celebrating progress to refuel the enthusiasm. S = Speed helps to get to your destination quicker, but it must be controlled and also safer with an experienced driver. Physical speed will not help at congestion - but speed of thought will! This is absolutely true for are looking for controlled speed, with an understanding for the risks and also knowing that at times you need to quicken to overtake the opposition, or slow down when there are potential dangers.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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