Nov 04, 2006

Step 4 to Engagement So I have been talking about the 4 steps to engagement. Engagement is a goal that all successful leaders and companies desire. Why? Well engagement turns an average company to one which has the potential to beat the competition. How do you know that you have engagement? Your teams understand their role and want to go the extra mile to achieve success. This doesn't mean working longer hours, it means that they have a focus and a great understanding on how to create personal and corporate success. The values of the individuals and the corporation are in alignment. People are passionate about delivering great products and/or service. There is an alignment between the employer and customer brand. Customers feel the brand essence when they interact with any part of your control, sales, service, customer service. People enjoy their work, they enjoy it because their is a fairness, and they feel valued for the role they play. They know that the work they are producing is recognized, and how it contributes to the overall vision. There is a sense of community - that each person needs each other and are working together to achieve the business goals. Their individual needs are being met because the managers take time to understand what they need from their job. Promotion is based on contribution and ability not friendship. Poor performers are dealt with and not allowed to affect the 90% of people who are wanting success. Each person is re recruited to ensure that as they change, their needs are still being met. This can be summarized that the leaders understand that companies succeed THROUGH people. Talent is embraced not feared. Diversity of thoughts is encouraged, diversity is seen as the way to move forward. Leaders understand that they need to lead and passionately set out to attract followers...their role is not one of control but a nurturer of talent.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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