Dec 19, 2006

How the holiday links to business The holiday season is so near that I may have to start shopping soon - aagh well, I have a couple of days before I start to panic. As I look around as people put up their celebrations it made me think of how business could learn from everything around us Mistletoe - how important kiss is, no not that - KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Santa - a true brand that delivers year in year out no matter what the budget, no matter what new technology that is coming...just delivers on the promise. Gifts - the joy is in the giving not the receiving. Family - people will travel thousands of miles for people they have a connection with, when they feel they belong, when being together is better than being apart. Huge lessons for leaders. Decorations - Note that the tree would look bland without the decorations, it would still be a tree but would it be a true Christmas tree. The same with a job, it is the extras that you bring to the role that makes it sparkle. Storytelling - People engage as the family tell stories, they laugh, they cry but they engage. Imagine if the living room had a boardroom table on Xmas day and communicated through e-mails or power point?? It is the human element and the story that engages Diversity and Respect - Many other religions do not celebrate at this time of year, but we all respect our own beliefs. Diversity is what makes the world a wonderful place I often say see don't look, and over this holiday season look around at what engages people - the colour, the lights, the surprise, the human connections, the giving and then resolve to use these concepts in your role in 2007

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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