Jan 09, 2007

Blogging can change your life and your weight! Yes that's right...it can change your weight! Well blogging and networking should I say. I was speaking with Heather my podcasting pal at wiggly wigglers and talking about how I had put on weight, so she came up with a great mmm not the right word, seemed like a great idea at the time idea about committing ourselves to a new year diet. So we have started a blog and a podcast to track our diet - we have 6 stones to lose between us! The weekly podcast will be up this week, but anyone out there who wants to join us, come on the show or just wants some motivation to regain that youthful shape then check it out at MiddleAgeShed. I will let you know when the podcast is up so that you can hear Sgt Major Heather keep me on track with my goal. Why is this important in terms of engaging people well I would not have started it without some inspiration from another- true at work, inspiration is key to action. It is about a public commitment - our goals are there for all to see (aaahhhh!) but that is true for a company as well...make the goals big, commit big... Networking I found someone with the same values and motivation, a key part of this is doing it with Heather....true at work as well, personal values are key to success. We are using technology - how can you use technology to bring a project alive? The weekly podcast is about tracking progress...keeping us on target, keeping the goal in sight and ensuring that we are on course for success. Do you measure progress? Achieving something together will be fun, it is not who loses most or who has less will power it is about the sharing of the journey. There is no room for blame, it is about support towards a goal. Heather have you anything to add about how this engages you in achieving your goal?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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