Jan 31, 2007

Communication - Push or Pull? Business has changed drastically over my lifetime. The way that business has changed their customer relationships is now happening with employees. Like early marketing leaders still concentrate on the "Push" style of communication - telling employees information. This is done via newsletters, roadshows, briefings, posters, policies etc all are sending a message in the hope that employees will understand the message. The onus being on telling the employees the information. But work has changed. The newer generations do not like this style, they are more questioning. Even the older workers, as consumers, have got tired of being told what to buy into....they repel the telling mentality. OK they don't stand up and say that...but that is what the silence at the end of the meetings means! Marketing moved to a relationship approach and a pull method. Leaders need to do this at work to capture the heart and mind of each individual. This engagement will lead to greater profits. So best practice is now centered around:- blogging, surveys, walking around, workshops, breakout sessions, 360 degree feedback, wiki's. All these are inviting the employee to buy into the employer brand by helping to shape the way it evolves. People want their say, want to be included, want a 2 way relationship if they are going to give their hearts and minds. So do you use push or pull....do you see them as people who should be grateful for a job or consumers of your vision?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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