Feb 20, 2007

Changing culture Following on from the last post, I see culture as an outcome as well. You cannot change culture per se....what you can do is look at the actions of the senior management and the effect on how people work and experience the company. If you have tulip seeds and want a rose.... you cannot feed the tulip to become a rose, you need to plant new seeds. That is how you change culture, you look at the inputs that create the output. 4 great places to look are the 4 C's and review what people are saying and doing. You can only review by being honest, not seeing what you WANT to see, but looking and listening to the reality that people experience. Cross functional working - is this really occurring? Are people encouraged to work together rather than a silo mentality? When people are together do they sit in their own teams, do they fight over who gets the credit, do they work together for a solution for the business as a whole? Creativity - Does the words and actions that you say or do show that creativity is at the core,do people know that they will be supported if it fails? Do you allow expression, is your building one that oozes creativity on its walls etc Contributions - Do people feel comfortable giving their ideas, is there a one way or two way conversation? People not speaking or always agreeing is not contribution. Continuous Improvement - Are people given the opportunity and authority to make changes, are they encouraged to look to simplify, and involved in the quality process? When I coach companies on the 5 ways to boost profits, time and again my work involves closing the gap of what senior management think is happening and the reality of the employee experience. The second key areas is the gap between the words and the actions....all of which once recognized is relatively easy to put right!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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