Apr 20, 2007

Carnival of Leadership Development Wow, I have had so many entries for this carnival - sorry about the length of the post but there are some great articles and I wanted to share as many as possible. Billy Smith presents The Power of Vulnerability « The Organic Leadership Blog posted at The Organic Leadership Blog. Alvaro Fernandez presents "Tis better to give than receive": oxytocin and dopamine posted at SharpBrains Charles H. Green presents Working and Feeling Good posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Being happy at work turns out to have to do with being engaged, and being engaged with being praised. Jack Yoest presents Managing Management Time: Harvard's Monkey Paper by Oncken posted at Reasoned Audacity Priya Jestin presents 101 Bonehead Mistakes Every Manager Should Avoid posted at Business Intelligence Lowdown. Marcy Nala presents Believe and Succeed posted at The Abundant Life. wilson ng presents Choose your Battles posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife Stephanie West Allen presents Decrease snake consent: Soon those workplace jerks will look kind of silly posted at idealawg. Sagar Satapathy presents Top 25 Gadgets and Gizmos Every Manager Needs posted at Project Management Source. Debra Moorhead presents My Simply Successful Secrets posted at Debra Moorhead.com. Wanda Grindstaff presents Limiting Beliefs - The Greatest Enemy of Success posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset Erek Ostrowski presents Creating a Culture of Productivity and Success posted at Verve Coaching. almomento presents 9 Ways To Incorporate Win-Win Philosophy Into Your Business posted at BurstCreativity. Aaron Kassover presents It’s Time to Address the Glass Ceiling posted at Leader's Notebook, Our Leadership Blog Alvaro Fernandez presents Brain Exercise FAQs posted at SharpBrains Shama Hyder presents What is your Brand? posted at SHAMA HYDER. com. Charles H. Green presents Quantum Emotive Therapy posted at Trust Matters, saying, "The best way to lead and influence someone, it turns out, is to care about them. Imagine that." Sagar Satapathy presents Leadership 101: How to Command Respect through Body Language posted at CRM Lowdown. Editor - Dave Prouhet presents Poor Employee Performance posted at Business Advice Daily Allen Galbraith presents 5 Tips on How to Manage Change in Your Life posted at Life is a Journal - Self Help For Lazy People! Now with added Life Hacks Ririan presents Here’s a Quick Way To Overcome Procrastination posted at Ririan Project. That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of leadership development using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
What I love about humans Gosh I know that humans can be irritating, however they can also be inspiring and energising because they are well....human. I think it was Mitch Joel that said "Be you, everyone else is taken!" I love that idea, love the idea of revelling in your uniqueness. Your unique qualities is what makes you, you. Each one of us has unique ideas, unique talents, unique personalities - the world would not be as rich if every person was the same. I find that great leaders love that uniqueness, they love the diversity. So how do you make that work for you and as a leader how it can work for your team U= Understand yours and team members unique passions and tap into them. Play to people's strengths N= No person will ever be the same. Enjoy that, learn to enjoy getting to know your team as individuals. I= Individuals enjoy being valued, have a need to be needed. Tap into that by developing a positive culture. Each person will have different needs but the fun part is working them out. The return on your time investment is huge. You will make your leadership stand out from the crowd if you respect and value at an individual level. Q= Quit seeking conformity and encourage uniqueness of thought. U= Understand the difference between leading with boundaries vs leading with rules E= Encourage people to be themselves, encourage them to express themselves. That feeling of creating value and being listened to, can result in as much as 25% increase in productivity.

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