May 02, 2007

What makes a great present? It is my best mates birthday this weekend and I have just been wrapping her presents. It made me think about a leaders role with their employee. A successful career is a wonderful gift that you can deliver to your team.Yes it is true that will have a different meaning to each person - and it is important to remember and respect that - but let's have a look at how you could gift wrap the ultimate present to engage the team Wrapping - The wrapping has to be individual to the wouldn't necessarily wrap a present in baseball wrap to your UK aunt! What "trappings" are they looking for to ensure that they are engaged at work. Do they want development, career challenges, flexible working, healthcare, home working....what is important to that individual and wrap the job with the relevant benefits. Scissors - Use them to cut the red tape around the job, cut the bureaucracy that drains the creativity. Sellotape- Use it to stick to your promises that you make to them both on recruitment and each day. Present - Understand what they want. Are they ambitious, happy to be in the background, focused on family now but want to come back to career later....the same present (career path) will not work for each person. To deliver the right one, you need to ensure that you know them as a person rather than a job number. Find out their tastes, their dreams, their hopes, their fears and then build the career around a shared vision. Personalised message - Personalisation is key. Treating each person with respect, with honesty and connecting at an emotional level will play great dividends. Use messages along the way through cards, through e-mails etc to show that you care about their career. Finally deliver the present in a timely manner, but most of all deliver it otherwise you will have one disappointed and disengaged employee.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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