Jul 21, 2007

Update on The Age of Conversation You will see that I on the left hand side of the blog I have added a link over to the Age of Conversation - a wonderful project that I announced last week. It also allows donations to be made to the charity. The book has been very successful with great media coverage, Drew has just updated us that as of last night, we have sold 515 books (more paperbacks than anything else) and raised $4,151.90! Wow, that feels great and the best bit is that the book is a fabulous read!! As I said last week - "This project is of a one-of-a-kind worldwide collaboration between marketing professionals all passionate about the topic of The Age of Conversation. Simply go to this Age Of Conversation order link . [To underscore how global a project this is, check out Matt Dickman 's google map (it's included in the book) that lists all of the authors' locations.] Imagine that: over 100 bloggers from 24 states and 10 nations, each contributing a chapter. The end result is a book that will provide you with perspective and insight on a phenomenon that - whether involved in the blogosphere or not - affects us increasingly: how citizen marketers are changing the landscape. Each author has taken a different approach to discussing what The Age of Conversation means." My contribution is on employee engagement and I am so proud to be part of this charitable project - with so many gruesome stories on the news today, I believe this one is one that should make the blogosphere proud! I

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