Jul 19, 2007

Show # 096 - Strategic Talent Management Pt2 Show 96 of The Engaging Brand ( ITunes subscribers please note it may take a little while before the show updates as the feed has been updated) is up and running. Remember, you don't need an iPOD to listen! Subscribe so that you NEVER miss a future episode...all for FREE! Sign up at the bottom of the post. This is the second part of the interview with Dr John Boudreau who is Research Director at the Center for Effective Organisations . John has just written a fascinating book - called Beyond HR- with Peter Ramstad which illustrates the importance of linking strategy and talent. This is part 2 of the interview and talks through practical examples of how companies such as Disney are managing their talent to creat customer loyalty. Remember, it would be great to see you over on the Facebook group for The Engaging Brand. If you have feedback on the show - record an audio message by clicking on the recorder on the side of the blog, give me a call on +44 (0)20 8123 8108 or e-mail me at [email protected] Download Instructions You can also listen on-line or subscribe to the show through Blubrry or iTunes or subscribe using the following subscription - http://www.podcasternews.com/feeds/enbr.xml Remember if you like the show why not leave a review on your favorite directory site! Message from Sponsor “Online Meetings Made Easy with GoToMeeting Try it Free for 45 days use Promo Code Podcast” My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-3eaa5732954c9f195ea9eab847cfb8a8}
Web 3.0 - Putting the Social back into Networking? The post earlier this week called What are people looking for in Social Networking? has got 2 fantastic comments by Bernie Goldbach and David Phillips which are worth reading. A quote from David really hit a chord with me "Sociologist Sherry Turkle, in New Scientist, expressed her worries that online living is transforming human psychology by deskilling us from being able to be alone, and managing and containing our emotions. We are developing new intimacies with machines that lead to new dependencies - a wired social existence, "a tethered self". Conversation becomes merely sharing gossip, photos or profiles, not, on the whole, the deeper aspects of commitment, community and politics." I was thinking this is also true for mobiles, for PDA's, for Tivo's! Maybe that most human need of belonging or need is coming from machines and less from humans? This then would explain the increase in people feeling lonely despite being surrounded by friends? I can't wait to explore this on the podcast with David. Maybe to develop a great personal brand, a great leadership brand - the trick is to use the "machinery" to make the connection, but it must then be combined with human to human connection. Are we forgetting to combine the two? Are we becoming lazy and almost doing a Henry T Ford - "You can have my details, all my details as long as they are online" When you look at people or businesses that are succeeding in the Web 2.0 world - they are combining virtual and physical presence. They are not dehumanizing the experience, they are humanising the online connection (Southwest being a great example). How Telling stories of their lives Using video of real people, often employees and consumers Attendance at events - so people can interact with the real "brand" Sharing their voice - podcasting, their faces - video Even the use of Second Life as a solution for distance and time differences Maybe Web 3.0 will be about putting the "human" back into "social" networks - maybe the feeling of web overload is because we are relying on the machine for the friendship rather than as the means of the connecting with people? Mmmm bit heavy for a Friday night but what do you think or feel about this area?

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