Aug 07, 2007

7 Deadly SIns of Marketing to Employees Within social media we talk about not "selling"the product but joining the conversation and through stories showing your empathy to your consumer's problems. I think this is the same for companies with their internal customers - their employees, their talent. Don't explain the company performance purely in figures. Many just don't understand the terminology or what it means....use graphs, use pictures, use stories. You wouldn't sell food by purely advertising the nutritional data! Mass marketing does not work, the information needs to be tailored by the manager so that it is relevant for their group. Telling does not motivate, create a conversation around the issues to engage people. Use a megaphone with a consumer and they turn do employees. They are adults who want the information, who want to understand the information and then want the ability to talk about the implications. Provide the reasons that talent is best served by your employment package, then trust in your product. Understand the needs and provide solutions for those needs - then communicate them, deliver them and keep checking their relevancy. Remember there are life cycles for any product. Don't over promise about your employment brand, be realistic and deliver against the brand promises day after day. Deal with "quality issues" quickly when the brand essence is not being delivered. You would never sell a product by explaining what the benefit is for the company - "Buy this and make our bonuses big!" The same with internal customers, they are interested in what is in it for them. Building a brand takes time and consistent delivery. You cannot short cut the thrown at a problem can give a short term gain, but not in the long run. People see through the bribe, they want their human needs to be satisfied which is done through the interaction they receive on a daily basis. To build a brand, invest in the leadership and management of the people.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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