Sep 21, 2007

Trust is the Key to Pressure One of my little stories.... When I was 19, I was faced with a 3ft putt to win the Yorkshire Ladies Golf Championship. I was the outsider, the underdog, I was not expected to win. I looked around the green and saw quite a crowd of people, it was scary! They looked tense, they knew that short putts were not my strength! I smiled, actually I laughed at the sight of friends and family showing on their faces, what I was feeling inside - PRESSURE. Laughing helped me hugely as it relieved the pressure, it broke the tension but that is not what I want to explain. At that moment, I remembered what Dad had always told me. "These are the times that you practice for, enjoy the moment and then focus....when under pressure in life know that this is when successful people stand up to be counted, they don't hide....they trust in their ability, in their knowledge.They don't fear failing, they fear not trying....replace that pressure with an inner ability to trust in yourself" I knew the technique needed, I had "researched" the line, I knew what to was just trusting my ability to deliver. The only thing that could prevent me from achieving my goal was me...the only thing that could stop me, was allowing pressure to affect my coordination. I holed that putt. I went on to lead people and was faced with similar pressure decisions, similar potentially embarrassing "failures".....but I always remembered back to dad and that putt....key to pressure is putting trust in yourself, trust in your ability, trust in the work you have put in that means you DO KNOW what to do, trust in - not fearing failure but fearing not trying...

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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