Oct 28, 2007

Marketing - About how people want to consume OR their age? Are there really generational differences? I am starting to think that it is not about your age it is about your attitude. So should we really be thinking of consumers and talent as split into Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers..... Or should we think in terms of People who love trying something new and like to be a pioneer - The Party Host People who are interested, keep up to date with what's going on and who will join in when they feel confident enough - The Party Goer People who feel too busy with life..not resistant to change but will only change when they have to - The Party No Shower! People who don't want to change and will hold on to the past at all costs - The Party Pooper! I believe less and less that whether you are party host, goer, no shower or pooper has to do with the date you were born and more about your attitude to life and to change. My mum went to PC classes when she was going on 75! My neighbours son hates anything new, in fact shuns anything new and prefers books to gadgets...he is 11. When we want to attract consumers to our brand offering - be it product or employer based - I believe that we should look at traits of how people want to consume our offering, rather than labelling in a demographic way. Change in the modern world - globalisation, Web 2.0 etc has indeed democratized us as human beings...we are free to choose who we are and who we connect with.... We belong to a world that is flat, but we decide on our own personalised 3D world by our approach to life, not by our age or gender.... What do you think?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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