Dec 05, 2007

Think Outside the Diamond I always feel uncomfortable with the phrase 'Think outside the box', not sure if it is because it sounds vague to me or whether it sounds like a throw away line. However, when I was speaking to Beth Kanter for the next podcast...I remembered a phrase that I do use...Think Outside the Diamond! I have this phrase on my desk, as for me a box is flat and has sharp edges...a diamond is such a better analogy. Let me try and explain my weird thinking :) D - Diamonds are multi dimensional as are most problems. Ensure that you view the problem from all sorts of views and opinions. I - Its value comes from the perception of others. A diamond is not the rarest resource but people have a perception of its value. To create value in your idea, work on creating value from the perception of others. A - A diamond shines because of the different light sources...look for inspiration outside your normal sphere to find the sparkling idea. M - Mine for ideas, information. Any problem worth solving will need digging, need hard work and a team of people to find that hidden gem...called a solution. O - Ornate. Diamonds are tough, hard - they are also known for beauty. In leading people, you need to be tough, even hard at times but you must learn to combine that with bringing a sense of joy and beauty to your working environment. N - Never underestimate the fact that although diamonds can be faked although people may initially be fooled, once they get a closer look, they will see the truth. Very like business! D - Diamonds are forever...leaders should see themselves as leaving an enduring legacy that will survive even when they have moved on...

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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