Dec 10, 2007

10 Inspiring Thoughts on Leadership I have been making some general notes on leadership in my beloved notebook so I thought I would bring them all together in this post. It is not what you do when the times are great, it is what you do when the going gets rough that defines your leadership brand. A leader never knows when to quit trying but knows when to quit! Leading is to listen and then speak for those around you without your influence. The saying - 'It is not the hours you put in, it is what you put in to those hours means' that quality will always beat quantity. You come into this world with nothing, you leave with nothing but in between it is up to you to create something of value that lives on past your final goodbye. Commit each day to something, anything that will create value for others When you learn how to stick to your vision and values but evolve the journey you take - then you increase the chance of success. Inspired by Michael Eisner - Just like a picture is made up of a thousand dots - a brand is made up of each interaction and each person it touches...internally and externally. When you don't forgive failure, you poison your soul and the soul of the company. Failure is not in itself the is the reaction and the lessons you learn that can provide the antidote. I love the idea that you look forward to dates in your diary.....note the look forward. Have you booked in your diary your celebration party? Random thoughts but hope they inspire some wonderful thoughts today...

Anna Farmery

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