Dec 14, 2007

Brand Management adds the Social Element I keep thinking about how brand management is changing...I keep thinking that there has to be a way of simplifying the ideas. Here is a starter for 10 but feel free to chime in, many heads are better than my old one. I think that there is a brand. That brand comes alive when people inside the company live by the same brand values and feel the benefit of the brand, so much so that they transfer those brand values in each interaction with the customer. So...a brand consists of An internal brand which because of globalistion, connectivity and social networks now has 2 aspects Employer brand - which is the brand promise translated to the employees through the working package. Social brand - which is the brand promise translated through the communication, personality and interactions. An external brand which is also affected by globalisation, connectivity and social change The product and service - "traditional marketing" if you it provides value to the life of the consumer. The social brand - how it connects with its consumers, how it communicates, listens and evolves through consumer interaction. I don't want to introduce a new concept but for me some of the confusion is about traditional roles and their role in a web 2.0 world. For me there is a new it internally or externally.....what the offer is and how that offer is communicated (tangible benefits), then the socialness of the brand (intangibles) which can be expressed using web 2.0 tools. This is my starter for 10 but want to explore this I believe brands have personalities in the past there were fewer ways to express the there is no excuse as the tools are available. Society has changed and they are looking not just for the brand benefits (left side of the brain) but the 'sociality' of the interaction (right side of the brain). Any thoughts?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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