Feb 24, 2008

Social Media Needs Human not Technical Skills I was at a wonderful conference last week and was often faced with two social media statements It's OK for you, you are a geek... You must have lots of technical knowledge to live in a social media world Oh if only I had programming knowledge!If only I was a geek..... For me, the technology is an enabler not a barrier. Nowadays, the technological knowledge needed is as little as being able to log on to the internet. The block to effective use of social media is not programming knowledge but YOUR knowledge, passion and ability to communicate your brand. I think Web 2.0 has never made it so easy to use technology, all you need are 3 human skills Curiosity. Be a child and explore the possibilities The desire to find out how you can use it, and how others are using it was all that I had, when I first started out. The story goes - received iPod, saw word podcast, googled how to make podcast, watched on line video, put podcast together, kept asking questions to people of how to improve it. No technical knowledge required! Connecting. There is a whole support network available to you on the web, via podcasts, blogs, social networking. There are people there to help you develop, that are waiting for YOUR expertise, that maybe want to work for a boss like you, that want a someone like you to listen to them and solve their problems....they are waiting for YOU. The only thing you need to do is to connect with them....How did I connect? Through being curious about who people were and what they did! Consistency. I think being consistent with what you do on-line, consistent in frequency, consistency in approach, consistency in values, consistency in providing value. Consistency needs discipline but discipline comes through the passion for my work. So no I am not a geek...I love technology because of 'what it does', not 'what it is'... I believe curiousity, connecting and consistency will overcome any technological barriers that you may have! And actually they are 3 skill that you have to have for any business or any success in life

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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