Mar 23, 2008

Brand Need to Be Emotionally Intelligent The Engaging Brand podcast this week was the first part of an interview with Galba Bright on emotional intelligence. Now although this was a discussion about individuals and leadership, it got me thinking about how brands themselves need to be more emotionally intelligent. In fact isn't that what we are seeing with Starbucks at the moment? Self Awareness. Brands need to be aware of their values. They need to have a confidence in what they are about and what they are trying to achieve. Self Management. Knowing the brand values - how do they evolve them, keeping them fresh yet true to their beliefs. How do they show their personality, how do they build on their do they manage themselves in a market of plenty? Social Awareness. How well does the brand understand the market, how well do they differentiate themselves from the competition? Relationship Management. How well do they manage the relationship with the consumers? Social media can be an important element in this process. But whether the brand uses social media or not, how do they manage the experience that consumers have in each interaction with you? Emotional intelligence is relevant to more than leadership, it is about understanding the world has changed from a product culture to an experience economy. When you listen to the podcast, think about how emotionally intelligent your personal brand or your consumer brand could be the difference between success or failure. I

Anna Farmery

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