Mar 22, 2008

Childhood Dreams Can Come True for Business Career choice is such an important part of motivation and personal satisfaction. I was speaking about social media to a group of people I asked "As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?" I asked the question because I think we lose track of our childhood dreams and I believe business is a lot more like our childhood dreams than we think..Let me explain what I said to their answers Train driver - Absolutely. Choose your journey and keep the people on track for safe arrival at your destination! Astronaut - Absolutely. Each day we should be shooting for the stars and making experiences that are out of this world. Pop Star - Absolutely. Each day it is about connecting with your audience....consumers, employees, peers. Give them the "hook" of your business song so that they can talk about you and your company. A mum - Absolutely. As leaders we need to give birth to ideas, nurture them through their life and guide our community through the highs and lows of life. Nurse/Doctor - Absolutely. Business is about diagnosing problems and solving them. It is about taking the pain out of life. To be an effective leader monitoring those vital signs of pressure and energy are important so that you can address issues before they become fatal! Business is a chance to live out our dreams - for me it will never be just a job, not when in my own small way I can help change the world. My childhood dream was to be a golfer, though I was a scratch golfer I chose to go into business as it was "more sensible". But the skills I learned through golf...importance of rhythm, emotional self control (!), practice, the shortest route is not always the best, imagining the perfect shot before you hit it and of course no matter how well you play, you can always improve....have all helped me in the business world. What was your dream?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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