Mar 06, 2008

10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die ...not that I am planning to soon! But if I am going to leave a legacy that I am proud of I need to get are mine..what are yours? Feel free to post about them and let me know the link! Create a communication pill that energises leaders to present great stories which inspire their people. Establish a company called rentakillthe*!"*. People will be able to hire our team to enter the building and fumigate against both !*!* and the fear of "losing control of the message" Get everyone to buy into my return on people employed rather than non human captial. You see the accountant in me will never go away. Invent a sieve that implants in your read, you listen and the sieve filters all irrelevant data leaving you with the knowledge you need to make a decision. Invent leadership contact lenses that see reality in one eye and the future in the other. Partner with Google, so that I can type in my talent requirements and they give me back the best talent on the web and who are available for hire. Design auto editing tool for podcast production - removes all background noise, Skype blips, stuttering, hmm's and argh's - and my stupid questions! All at a click of a button. Have law passed to ensure no meetings (You knew that was coming didn't you!) can be about covering your back, delaying a decision, getting the company to pay for your lunch or even to make you look busy or important. Develop a hope vaccine that every child takes in the world. This vaccine will prevent them from losing the creativity, playfulness, confidence, storytelling ability, and questioning mind once they turn into an adult Oops I did say 10 ..... Get Judi Dench to come on The Engaging Brand podcast...I know!...but it is my dream and I will not give up, ever, ever, ever :)
Recycling knowledge can be good...Being a Green Leader I think often we are so keen to create the future we can forget some great things from the past. What if you learned to recycle as a leader in a positive way? R = Re connect with all those people that you have collected business cards from over the years, met at university, school etc. Social networking sites make this easier than ever..and who knows how you could help each other now? E = Ensure that you know the skills of people outside of work and see if you can reuse them inside work. I remember managing someone who turned out to be a rap singer at night, he sang the month end results at the next team was fantastic! C = Create an ideas folder - I use a moleskine and keep ideas that you don't use, keep reading them because they may just be not right today...but who knows tomorrow.... Y = You learn a lot from "failures" and successes. Have a lessons learned session at the end of a project, season, launch, year end etc...then read them before embarking on the next. Recycle the good, dump the bad! C = Create a talent folder for people that you meet, people that come for a role that isn't right for them but you want in your organisation. L = Learning through history. Write down the history of your company, the stories, the characters, the successes, the failures...and keep the story alive in presentations. Helps people understand the values of the company the why the company exits. E = Ensure that you desire to keep things fresh does not change things for the sake of it. If people enjoy something, are motivated by it..stick with it! Recycle positives... Any other ideas?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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