Apr 18, 2008

Does Your Brand Look Great Naked? No jokes about my personal brand, look I am over 40 what do you expect :) One test for great brands is that behind all the marketing whether traditional or social media, what does the "naked brand" look like? How great is the brand offering? Does it stand in its own right as an experience that fulfils a need in the market? Does the beauty stand out in the competitor's crowd? Are you fending off the ageing process by a brand health check....do you keep working on the product so that it retains its youthfulnesss? Does the naked brand reflect the truth of the advertising? Does the naked brand have good manners in every interaction with the consumers? Most people, most things can look good when "made -up in public", however, the consumer will experience the brand in it's nakedness - at home, at work, at play. The brand has to stand in its own right without the make up of conversational marketing, advertising, logo's etc In an age of social media, engagement comes when the person loves the naked brand. Engagement comes when you break through the barriers of advertising or marketing, to experience the real beauty - and you still love the product. No amount of social media will hide an out of shape, out of date offering. When I think of internal brands and leadership, once the corporate clothes of words, of inspirational speeches, of promises are torn away....employees will only engage if the raw naked brand of day to day life is an embodiment of all that has been said....

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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