Aug 21, 2008

How to Stand Out In Your Career Average is a bland description and yet the most used score in business. To stand out within business I think there is an unusual difference between a team member and a leader of a team Extraordinary performance by definition is doing what is not expected of the level that you work at....therein lies the ultimate irony. To be extra - ordinary as an employee, you need to go beyond the expectations of your level. You can star, by showing your potential - to give more than is expected, to take personal responsibility. In essence the extra is performing to a level above. To be extra - ordinary as a leader, you inspire partly by being ordinary! By understanding that it is the ordinary aspects of human leadership - the thank you's, the seeing the person not the role, by being available to people, by showing that you are an ordinary human being. Extraordinary leaders are ordinary people at heart who inspire them to believe in the dream. I think it is worth thinking about your role - the extra needed to be a high performer is often ordinary human elements that you have naturally inside of yourself. The extra is understanding what is not often seen in your role and delivering it - that may seem difficult, when in reality what people are looking for, are ordinary in your everyday life. Just think of the team member who is a scout leader outside work, or the powerful leader who is the parent who reads to their child when they get home, knowing the joy sharing one on one time, gives that child.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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