Sep 04, 2008

Putting the Wow into Customer Service Long story, however I was trying to give a company £3,500 of my hard earned money. I wanted to get the contract signed before this weekend due to client commitments. The first customer service person I spoke to said "Look, I am busy. It is holiday time around here, it may be important to you however all customers say that!" Mmmmm I get off the phone and think to myself, do I really want to work with this "brand". Then I decided to ring back and see what type of response I get from the next person. She said "Oh I can see why this is important to you. Now lets see how we can get this through. It is not your issue but we have a backlog in processing...mmm let me think, how can we get round this ? I know, can you pop down after 5.30 ? You see our team goes home then, if I stay behind then I can get this through manually. I am sorry to ask you to come down (She knew I lived 5 minutes away), I tell you what I will give you a 10% discount to cover the inconvenience, would that be acceptable? I just want you to know that we value your custom" That lady provided a little "wow" factor! I was asking to go outside the "normal process", she didn't care about that, she cared the customer got what they wanted. I often hear with clients that there are no skills needed for customer service - you can just pull someone off the street! I believe that is far from the need people who understand the brand values, who understand the need to wow the customer. For all the advertising, one lady turned me from disengaged to engaged - and what's more she wasn't on commission and didn't get overtime - she "merely" cared!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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