Jan 29, 2009

6 Ways to Use Social Media for Brands without Blogging I work with clients who want to use social media but don't want to blog...thats fine because blogs are just one tool in a whole arsenal of social media tools. In recessionary times trust becomes a vital differentiator for brands (just ask a bank at the moment!) and with non blogging tools you can help build a position of 'trusted experts' as part of your marketing plans. Brands that give, that share, that connect, that take their share of responsibility of helping consumers through the recession will be rewarded through loyalty.....maybe JFK may say "Ask not what social media can do for you, but what social media (and your brand) can do for your consumers" I suppose it is like when you receive a charity envelope and you look round your house and realise there are so many things that could be of use to others...if you only give generously.... Use slideshare to share information about your industry, about your locality, about learnings within your company. Simarly use twitter as an industry news channel or share tips on how to ....find work, keep motivated, save money etc See yourself as a 'hub of help' Use You Tube for How to guides for consumers Use podcasts as a learning and development tool for people searching for work in your industry. Creating an aggregate RSS feeds of relevant blogs in their niche for consumers to subscribe to Using on line meeting tools like GoToMeeting to have customer feedback sessions or innovation/idea sessions on what is important to them at the moment and how the brand can help their lives..... At this time, it is about keeping true to your brand but widening your vision of what your brand stands for....

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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