Feb 27, 2009

The "Fair" Prinicple of Leadership When I was much younger Dad took me to the largest fair in Europe which was held near us each year in the autumn. As normal he took me for enjoyment but also tied it in with talking to me about life - he never was one to miss an opportunity! He talked to me about how the fair was like life, like business. Here is what I remember We were on top of the big wheel and Dad said "When you are on the ground and in the detail the fair seems small. It is only when you come on the wheel that you see all the parts. Never forget to sometimes take that time to ride on the big wheel - remember to see the bigger picture" I was loving the dodgems and Dad said "There is a huge lesson here. If you constantly go into traffic, run into problems you don't get very far...fast and all you get is a bad neck. It may be fun for a short time but in the long run find your clear path" I remember saying how I loved the feel of the fair. He looked and said "That is because they appeal to all the senses. The smell of food you normally eat at the fair, the lights, the distinctive noises, the taste of the candy floss....they are all there to create a brand experience. The fair knows that to really engage then you need to look at more than one sense" I remember going on this particular scary ride. I hated every minute of it, yet when I came off it I felt exhilarated. It was the one that I talked to mum about when I got home. Dad smiled and said "Always remember that pushing yourself is scary, but the thrill of constantly pushing yourself will keep the excitement going." I believe now more years than I care too remember on....I now understand what he meant. Life, business has all the fun of the fair.....if you allow yourself to experience it.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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