May 19, 2009

What do we mean by fair? Fairness seems to be the sore under most citizen's skin at the moment. Whether it be fairness in relation to the banking bonus culture, MP's expenses or the way they are dealt with at work. In my last role I had an interesting view on fairness. In a training session on disaster recovery following 9/11 the trainer asked "What would you do if you saw a BMW parked on the double yellow lines outside the main reception?" Now clearly the trainer was thinking of a potential what was the answer?? "I would think...typical Mr X (Director of the company who shall remain nameless!) was late as usual and there were no car spaces in the car park and they didn't want to walk from the other car park!" Now we all laughed because we knew that was so true! But as a Director I was sad, sad that a company based historically on ethical values had slipped to this level. Fairness is subjective but I believe for internal engagement and therefore external engagement, there are some key principles F = Forget the job title....expect the same standards from all. A = Assess future and present leaders of people not just by their knowledge and people skills but also by whether they live the brand values. I = Investigate whether the values are lived by or paid lip service to? Survey, ask, listen....internally and externally. R = Respect diversity. Diversity of opinion, of ideas, of approach. Standard values does not mean 'standard' people. As long as the approach or views are to the values...then embrace the diversity.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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