Aug 22, 2009

Branding - With strings attached :) Last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Guido Dieteren who is a wonderful violinist and conductor of his own Guido's Orchestra. I love people who are authentic and who are passionate about what they do...after an hour with Guido you understand what true branding really is! True branding is not a piece of paper, a logo or what you want people to is who you are, it is what your values are, it is the way you live your life personally and professionally. You cannot manufacture that...the person, the company..the orchestra has to feel that... I was so impressed with his desire that everything he touches and everything he is involved in - just has to be done in the right way and to the right values. It is not about trying to build a brand, it is about his desire to create a better world. A world which has less poverty, a world which reaches out to people and helps....We were only talking over lunch with friends but I was moved by the passion - and I realised that is what a true brand captures your heart as well as your head. I was struck because when you hear people such as Guido, such as Steve Jobs, such as Richard realise that you cannot create a true authentic brand, it grows from inside their soul....a seed of passion that creates who they are.... Check out the spectacular it creates over at the Facebook page for Guido's Orchestra, look at the way he uses colour, different sounds, movement to create the experience...I think we can learn so much from musicians. This is an earlier video I found on YouTube....

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