Oct 21, 2009

Walk the thinking as well as the talk! I follow quite a few actors on Twitter as I love to see inside their creative world....not from a celebrity gossip point of view but how they think, feel and create. Where does their power of storytelling come from? How do they connect so emotionally with an audience which they have never met before? I think there are so many ways we can learn from actors in business and it remains a key aim to get an actor on to The Engaging Brand podcast to talk about their storytelling...one day! I was fascinated the other day when one actress I follow said about her acting "It was probably unconscious, but you can't play that as an actor, you have to play the verb" (@nalamommy) It made me think about marketing, about business, about leadership. How much of what we do Stays in our mind rather than being put into action? Stays unsaid....and yet we think we said it? Is not fully communicated. We think we have communicated it, but thinking we have and actually having done it...well two different things? Is unconscious vs conscious? Is about how we interpret rather than seeing how others interpret our thoughts? Maybe we need to understand we can't lead through unconscious thoughts, we too have to play the verb....we too have to express the verbs we want the world to take action on? And of course People around you will only know you through your actions not your thinking The ultimate irony is that as a consumer of the acting, the leadership, the marketing aren't you unconsciously buying into the conscious actions which are laced with unconscious thoughts!!

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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