Nov 18, 2009

Heart to heart - why its good to feel in business Communication has always been the lifeblood of society and the need for communication never changes. Look at me tonight sat by Nana's bedside in hospital and every now and again despite her massive stroke, her eyes tell me she needs love, she needs comfort, she needs me to hold her. Her tool is not social media, it is her eyes than convey that emotion in a way which creates engagement. Communication is vital and social media has in many ways made communication easier. My worry though is two-fold Because there are tools to make it easier, that does not make communication better. In fact I would argue that social media has almost commoditised create a premium you must invest time and energy into not just the tools - but the message and the emotion. The tools - be it social media, letter, advertising, or even eye contact from a sick bed - doesn't matter....what matters is 'how you made me feel' I think people think of it more as in must move towards electronic messages, than emotion which is about engagement. Why? Sitting here I think the hardest part is ensuring that you speak from the heart to the heart. You need to be brave enough to feel in the modern business world and I, for one, know that the more you feel the riskier it is to be hurt.....but just like the love between two people - if you don't risk being hurt, you will never be loved and.. If you don't feel in business then people will feel no loyalty to you

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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