Nov 05, 2010

10 Business Connections You MUST make Connection seems to be all around us, be it in our travel schedule, in our Facebook inbox, even doing a Sudoko puzzle! Yes, social media is about connections...but so is business. That is why the former can act as a catalyst to the latter.... But there are certain key connections which you MUST make Connecting the lessons of the past and the feedback of the present, with an answer in the future. Connecting the heart as well as the processes. Connecting the how you will do it with why you are doing everything....People connect with meaning. Connecting each invoice to a human face and a human emotion. Sales are not transactions purely of money but also of emotion. Connecting the concept that shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers are all wanting the same success...they are all measuring the same success in one way....what value was created for me by creating value for you? Connecting each person in the team to how they will help the company achieve their goals Connecting each person to the values by having no exceptions for the "top floor"! Connecting performance with dreams. Measuring progress lets you celebrate, lets you recognise progress and also helps keep you on track. Connecting profit to the engagement of employees. Engaged, value laded leaders...engage employees who engage customers...who pay the engagement premium...which feeds the future. Connecting people with the art of sharing - sharing information, ideas, stories....connects individuals to the even greater power of everyone working together. Connecting is a skill - how much time, how much investment do you make in the world of connection?

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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