Jun 07, 2011

How 12 Internet Giants Got Their Names In the world of technology, there are a number high flyers that nearly everyone has heard of. Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Motorola are just some of the biggest. The question that many people ask themselves is how did these top brands come up with their names? If you are looking to start your own business then you may be struggling with a name that will be memorable. Below you will find out how the top 12 Internet giants got their names. 1. Google Originally named ‘Googol’ this well known search engine was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They came up with Googol as it is the word that represents the number 1 followed by one hundred zeros. They got sent a cheque from their angel investor to “Google”, and the name stuck. 2. Microsoft Bill Gates originally created Micro-Soft but later took out the – to give it the name we all now know and love. It was the best name to describe what the company offers - Microcomputer Software. 3. Yahoo Jonathon Swift was the guy who invented this word and it was used in the book “Gulliver’s Travels”. It means somebody who is repulsive to look at and they are almost not human. The reason the founders of Yahoo (Jerry Yang and David Filo) chose this name was because they considered themselves to fit this description. More about the way the company started can be found at http://docs.yahoo.com/info/misc/history.html 4. Sun Microsystems Four friends from Stanford university came up with the name. The word Sun is an acronym for Stanford University Network. 5. Xerox The name Xerox was given to the company by Chestor Carlson and it adequately describes what the business offers. The literal meaning of the word ‘Xer’ is dry, and the company offers dry copying. 6. Motorola Motorola was thought up by Paul Galvin, the founder of the company. It was at the time when the company started creating car radios hence the Motor part of the name. The company now runs a successful blog that provides all of the latest company news http://www.motorolanews.com/. 7. Oracle When Bob Oats and Larry Ellison were working on a consultancy project for Central Intelligence Agency, the code name given was Oracle. That is how their company got its name. 8. Sony The word Sony comes from two separate Latin words. Firstly the word Sonus means sound , and then the word Sonny is a slang word used by Americans to describe kids that are really intelligent. Sony is now one of the largest technology names in the world. You can keep up with the latest news at http://blog.discover.sonystyle.com/. 9. Red Hat When Marc Ewing was in college, his grandfather gave him a Cornell Lacrosse Team Cap which featured red and white stripes. After losing it he searched desperately for it to no avail. When he created the manual for the test version of Red Hat Linux, he placed an appeal asking anyone if they had seen it....

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