Jul 29, 2011

How to Maximize Facebook to Find Employment Weekends I like to encourage other peoples views and today's blog post was submitted by Lenore Holditch, who specializes in writing about top online colleges. It is a two part post and tomorrow will be looking at Twitter. All too often recent college graduates will turn to online job classifieds and job sites like CareerBuilder to find employment opportunities only to end up coming to a dead end. In turn, they then decide to vent about their unlucky experience to their "friends" on various social networks. But your social networking sites may just be able to land you a job instead. To learn how to maximize the potential of Facebook continue reading below. Facebook. Despite the release of Google's new social network aimed at taking over Mark Zuckerberg's user base, Facebook is still the number one social network in the world. With that said, the site is flooded with people who may be able to offer you a job. There are two different ways you can go about finding employment opportunities, however. Use Facebook as a general search engine. This is how it works: simply type in the name of a company that you would like to work for in the site's search bar and see what pops up. Most likely some sort of "fan page" will appear in the results page. If you click on it, you should gain access to all sorts of useful information such as the demographics of a company (you can see images), description of their products, as well as a list of job openings. In fact, more and more companies are starting to list job openings via social media sites because they understand the impact it has in a consumer's everyday life—some users surf Facebook as much as two hours a day, especially the younger generation. To get a better understanding of what you need to be looking for however, check out the snap shot of PepsiCo's fan page listed below—it features a short instructional video for those who are interested in job prospects for the company. Use marketing techniques to get the attention of people who are in your friend's list. This will have a greater impact if you already made "friends" with some important people in the industry you want to pursue, such as former professors and internship directors. Simply posting numerous statuses stating that you are interested in finding a job in a particular field and then linking your status to a LinkedIn profile or personal blog with more of your information for example may just do the trick and someone may bite. But an even more effective approach is to create a Facebook Social AD. These ads, although ideally designed for companies and business, can be a platform for you to promote yourself and your expertise. As long as you keep is short and snappy, your Ad may just be viewed by the right set of eyes that can grant you a lucky break. Again, make sure to link the...

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