Aug 24, 2011

5 Creative Office Designs That Engage Employees! Office spaces can be incredibly dreary and unpleasant places. Oft-times, the windows surround the outside of the space and are reserved for senior staff. For those people who have not achieved a status befitting a corner office, the act of spending 8 to 10 hours a day surrounded by freestanding walls, lit by fluorescents, can be a terribly draining experience. Such work environments foster zero creativity, and often hamper productivity. However, with a modicum of flexibility, a minimal monetary commitment, and a willingness to experiment, the average office space can be transformed into a space that is comfortable, attractive, and most importantly, functional for those people who spend their day in it. If the average client walks into a business and is confronted by rows and rows of cubicles, and desks upon desks, they will not get the impression that flexible, forward thinking is the order of the day in that particular business. If one’s business is devoted to militaristic precision, than rows of desks might be the perfect design choice. Engage some moving services, toss out the old, and bring in a breath of fresh air. The five businesses below went out of their way to create workspaces that met the needs of both their clients and their staff. One never gets a second chance to make a first impression, so one’s office space should be designed so that it says something positive about one’s company. Google in Zurich Known for valuing independent thinking and innovation in its workers, Google’s various office spaces are reflective of this commitment to creativity. The staff has almost complete control over how the space is utilized, and consequently, the design varies widely from country to country, office to office, department to department, and room to room. The design for the Zurich headquarters is by Camenzind Evolution and was heavily influenced by suggestions from Google’s staff. Skype in Sweden The main building for Skype in Stockholm, Sweden is all about communication. The design by Mette Larson-Wedborn of PS Arkitektur is meant to reflect the spirit of the company and pay homage to the Skype logo. The office building was formerly a brewery, and currently houses approximately 100 Skype employees who are focused on the company’s audio and video development. Macquarie Investment Bank in Australia Banks are not known for their whimsical design, but the offices of Macquarie Investment Bank in Sydney, Australia might just change that. Airy, sunny, and open, theses offices make the days of stuffy, dark, leather bound banks seem very far away. Designed by Fitzpatrick and Partners, the building is not only highly functional and pretty to look at, but was also created with environmental sustainability in mind. Red Bull in London A funky energy drink deserves a funky home, and the Red Bull offices in London certainly fit the bill. Streamlined, modern, and slick, everything about the space says hip. Designed by Jump Studios, the offices are meant to pump up everyone who visits them, just as much as the...

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