Sep 08, 2011

Show - 350 How to Promote your Book Show 350 of The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast is ready just for you. To subscribe or listen for free, you don't need to download anything and all explained at the end of the post. Patricia Fry joins Anna Farmery to talk about how to promote your book and the challenges which a budding author may face today. Is the book the new business card? Is being a successful author about great content or the personality of the author promoting it? Is it easier or harder to promote with social media - many tools to promote or self publish but easier means more authors? How 76% of books fail - defined as sells less than 100 copies and why... How successful promotion is based on knowing and writing for your audience Should you write for a publisher or the end consumer. Is it about quality or quantitiy of promotions and the importance of your personal brand, your platform. Promotion through libraries, corporate offices and community auctions. Is there one thing that makes a book great. If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on twitter. Or leave a message at The Engaging Brand Fan Page or join me on Google+ for a huddle! How you can listen to The Engaging Brand 1) You can listen on your PC now without downloading any software just click hear to listen to the latest marketing podcast 2) You can subscribe to the show via iTunes or 3) If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following RSS Feed

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Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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