Dec 07, 2012

Why Consensus Can Harm You? There is a huge difference between meetings that nurture collective intelligence and meetings that aim to achieve consensus. We live and work in a networked world - a world in which the network can be as powerful as the sum of all the individual's intelligence or as diluted to a consensus intelligence which pleases no one. Consenus is a laudable aim, however consensus means compromise... Collective intelligence on the other hand means believing that the sum of each individual's intelligence is greater than any one individual. I would argue that meetings that aim at building consensus are in fact creating opposition - which may be verbal or worse still felt but not expressed. In a sense the meeting is not about the decision - that has been made - it is too often about convincing the participants that they agree with the decision. One way that I find that works quite well, is taking something existing and encouraging the table to make improvements to it.....what would the customer like to see, what would make it better etc At this stage, money is no object! In this sense you are utilising the collective intelligence of the is not about defending an idea, rather improving the status quo...and everyone has a view to express on that! Next time you are seeking consensus...ask yourself, is this making the idea better or my life easier....because consensus may appear easier however in the long run, can undermine the success. Related articles "What does collective intelligence mean? It's important to realize that intelligence is not just..." Collective Intelligence: The Mating of Ideas Genomes of Collective Intelligence Why so Yesterday
Engaging Brand 413 - Is Podcasting a Serious BusinessTool Welcome to the latest and free The Engaging Brand podcast covering social media, business ideas and brand marketing tips but before we start... The listener of the week and winning an Engaging Brand goodie bag, is Ty Hildebrand. Remember the goodie bad is picked from all the people who share, like, tweet about the Engaging Brand podcast to say a BIG thank you from me! Today Dave Thackeray, The Podcast Guy and host to Talknology joins me Anna Farmery to talk about whether podcasting is a serious business tool. What is the successful factor for podcasting! Is podcasting increasing or stagnating - is podcasting worth thinking about? How podcasting is a living marketing channel. Does podcasting suit any type of business? How can podcasting benefit your brand, your business? How podcasting can lead to other business opportunities? Is podcasting the same as radio or is it something else? The effect of iTunes 11 on independent podcasting. Is there a difference in podcasting across the world - in terms of style or take up in listening? I love to hear your thoughts so email me,, join me on twitter or join me on to discuss it on Google+ How you can listen to The Engaging Brand 1) You can listen on your PC now without downloading any software just click hear to listen to the latest marketing podcast 2) You can subscribe to the show via iTunes or 3) If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following RSS Feed Related articles Podcast 397 - The Role of the Internet on Music Engaging Brand Podcast 411 - Killer Innovations Podcast 404 - Don't be social media crazy Podcast 385 - How to Deliver Insanely Great Customer Service Podcast 409 - Planning the Perfect Presentation Podcast 395 - Storytelling in a Digital Age Engaging Brand Podcast 412 - Connecting You to Your Customers Podcast 407 - How Imitation Sparks Creativity

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