Dec 21, 2013

The Only Secret You Need to Make Profit Read most marketing or business blogs and the word value will appear at some point...but what is value? In a sense it is one of those words that we all know what it means to us, however it is difficult to define. It strikes me that for something so core to being successful in both business and our personal lives, we need to learn more about value and give it a meaning that we can strive to achieve? Let Bob explain how I see value Now if we take that value equation and translate it to everything that we do...on the web, in our off-line lives, at home, at work, in our written work, when we network.....all aspects then we start to make the world a better place..... Profit is created through delivering value consistently however it should never be your aim.....and that is coming from me, a Chartered Accountant by trade! is a outcome from the goal of making the world better for those around you. If you think about it, profit is like a gift from consumers who like what you do, so much so they pay more than the true cost of the product...why? Because you or your business have added something (taken something away even) or stand for something that means something to them personally. We arrive at the holiday season and suddenly people think about creating meaning through gifts, cards, surprise visits to relatives......we love the smiles that that extra effort creates, yet when we return to work, to normal life we then forget about emotional value and think about doing actions, achieving targets..... "we forget profit is not created....we forget that profit is a gift, a reward that we receive for giving value....." So let's promise ourselves and the people around us in 2014 that we will aim for making the world a better place for someone.....let's promise to aim to deliver great value and trust in the market to reward our actions.

Anna Farmery

Social Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author and in spare time completing PhD on the future of the social business model

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